Friday, 7 September 2012

Get Dreaming.

Hey there guys, so I know it's been ages... I completely and totally forgot about my little bloggy.
Anyway I thought I'd say hello with a nice new picture of me in this outfit I've had on for the last two days.
Don't be judging me guys (I just really liked it lots).

Bedroom look of the day:   T-Shirt: Get Dreaming   Cycle Shorts: Topshop

So my friends have recently started up their own little T-shirt company (well they do really cute little socks too) called Get Dreaming. Every item they make is done by hand, so no printing or mass production comes into play at all, just a good old amount of TLC,so every item you buy will be completely one of a kind. 
What hasn't already been snapped up of their Spring/ Summer collection is already on their page, and their new items will be on their site beginning September 16th.

Click here to visit GET DREAMING's online boutique.
...and HERE to follow on Facebook.

P.s HOW much fun is instagrammmm!!!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hey there, old Pal.

I'm alone, around 1am.
If I were at home with my family right now, I guess we'd all be tucked up in bed: Rach would have gone hours ago, to try and grab as much (unnecessary) 'beauty sleep' as she possibly could.
My brother would be in his room, watching some brilliantly cheesy comedy show- but act as though he was deep in slumber, when dad went in to check on him. And mum would be snuggled into bed, devouring an old book, whilst the dog lay sound asleep at her toes.
Me, I would probably also be in bed, trying to enjoy every minute of unadulterated nothingness, that outside my bedroom window had to offer. No cars. No noise. Nothing.

Instead though. I'm in 'my room'. The uneasiness arresting me from the noise of police cars, and rowdy pub happenings, right outside my window (which is jammed open, and will be forever more) is hampering my body from feeling tired, yet all my brain needs right now is for me to shut my eyes.

I can see you. You're sitting across from me, giving me that 'come hither' look. One I have come to be so familiar with.
That burning stare, sweeping my whole existence.
And right there. Before I'm even aware, we're both back to where we use to be.
I'm nonchalantly tickled .
The lack of sleep doesn't bother me so much any more, and I can feel my heart beating, pounding.
Adrenaline coursing through my veins.
And at this moment, as I'm sitting here, I feel like what I know is about to happen, is the only thing that matters in the whole world to me.
And the consequences my head contained a mere few seconds ago, swirling around with another hurricane of thoughts, are thrown to the side.
All I want, all I need is right here in front of me.
Three words. That's all.
Three words, and I'm there.

And with that I felt myself encapsulated in the most euphorical whirl wind I'd possibly ever known. We were one. Intertwined.

It had happened again.
But this time, superior in comparison to the last time.
My organs flooded with tainted pleasure.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sweet 89.

I wouldn't be shocked at this point if I've lost any of my groupies, to do with my lack of posting and the vast gaps between each post. Anybody reading this: thanks for dealing with it and sticking around. I'm still trying to get use to life away from my friends, fam and most importantly my twin sissy, the honey to my tea.

Anyway I just thought I'd do a quick one. Pretty much just this picture, maybe to inspire?.. I don't know. I love this car so much, it's the "89 vw fox. I just think it's absolutely beautiful and the colour is spectacular. Maybe one day I will actually sit my test, get myself a step closer to the dream.

PS. Christmas is sooooooooooooooooooon :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I love twin things.

Never ever one to say no to any sort of bargain or sale, I popped into (you know what's coming yeah?) topshoppp after getting their e-mail about some kind of price reductions. OH BABY. OH.
Look at these baby's. Last two in store and in me and my sissy's size. CA-YOOT. Yes yes.

I love tiny little animal (any)things