Friday, 6 August 2010

On flicking through the crisp vogue leaf's

Yesterday evening, I arrived home to a glistening, silver package in front of my doorstep. It was the package that my sister and I helplessly waited for at the beginning of each and every month- our beloved vogue- a birthday gift, from her, to me. On seeing it, our eyes lit up and we began to rip it open, careful not to tear any of the pages from our fashion bible. I quickly opened it and began sifting through the ads, one in particular caught my eye- TOPSHOP!! No sooner than I had fought for the right to read it first, had I chucked it aside, and pulled out my laptop. As much as I appreciate the work that goes into every mulberry bag, or erdem dress, for some reason, I always find myself more drawn to the likes good old topshop or h&m... It could possibly be the fact that the majority my student loan this year, went towards my beautiful wardrobe, OR what I like to call, "helping out our country during this terrible economic climate" (we've all got to do our bit). So at this point, you can imagine how open I am to receiving a lovely bargain every once in a while. ... Anyway, I pull up a window, and excitedly click on (#1 on my marked tabs, of course). I feel a rush of adrenaline, shoot through my bloodstream- the same feeling of utter thrill, one may feel if they had been re-united with a close friend after years of being apart-It felt like it had been so long, when in fact it had only been a couple of weeks, at most. I quickly moved to the 'new in' tab, and found myself working my way down the list, 'shoes', 'tops', 'knitwear' etc. 'Trousers & Shorts': I froze. After days, weeks, MONTHS, of searching and searching for the perfect pair of leather shorts, after seeing them on Kane's '10 fall collection, had I finally found them! The rush from knowing that I had finally found the perfect item, to complete my autumn wardrobe was nothing short of brilliant.
Quantity: 1
Size: 8
add to bag: you bet
discount code: CHECK
express delivery: naturally
confirm and pay: ...
confirm and pay: ...
What is wrong with me. After months and months of going cold turkey, and all that time away from my best friend, VISA, I was about to throw it all down the drain, head on down the road to my old ways again. It was then I realised I was a real life Rebbecca Bloomwood. I was a shopaholic.

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