Saturday, 21 August 2010

On taking a shopping trip, I realise, I must have everything.

On realising that I was due to start back college, after a lovely relaxing holiday, it had come to my attention that I had done absolutely no work for it- the odd flick through a fashy mag excluded here- I was totally unprepared. I realised that no matter how much I prayed, my summer project was not going to do itself, which is a shame really, because I definitely wouldn't mind a few extra days of "rest".
Anyway after realising this, my sister(newly titled, my personal accountant/ financial adviser) and I, agreed that we would both take a full day out of our holiday, to go and do some research in town with our camera's.
The next day, off into town we travelled, up through the mysterious back streets, to try and uncover some of it's hidden depths, or find a new take on urban landscapes.
So, there we are, happily snapping away, when I break away from my sister.
Looking at my pictures I realised that I had in fact been here before; that same brewery smell I knew from somewhere; an old vintage shop, with a women I recognised out side, chanting away, selling her big issue. I trusted my instincts and followed the questionable land marks, imprinted in my head from a memory I couldn't quite place. After quite a while of walking I found myself at a dull and dreary shopping mall. THAT'S what I had travelled all this way for, some crap shopping centre? After my dream had been shattered, and the world just that boring old place again, I realised that I was all alone, as I had abandoned my sister some time ago. Although, I could not for the life of me remember where.
I turned to my right, to go back and find her, when I noticed something familiar out of the corner of my eye. It couldn't be? I turned around, so that the building was in full frontal view, just in case, to shatter any illusions I may had been under you know. I wasn't dreaming. Right in front of my very eyes, stood, Topshop. Well, the back entrance. I felt a feeling of warmth and familiarity take over my body.
I smiled, and travelled around to the the front of the store and walked in. I'm home.
It had been a while since I'd been in. So naturally I took my time, browsing around, picking up beauties to try on. On my way to try on my new found loves, I came across the basics rail, nothing luxurious, but never the less, still as tempting. Something in particular caught my eye, it was plain, yet, very alluring. I put the bundle of clothes I had been clutching so tightly back, and picked up the pretty little thing. Size 6? Yip! Without a thought, I made my way over to the cashier, with a feeling of total satisfaction run through me, and with no real reason why to be honest.
About to step into the long queue of happy shoppers, I saw a familiar face. I got that sinking feeling, you know that one you get when your boss tells you you have to work two ten hour shifts at the weekend, it was like that. I realised who it was.. She questioned: "Nicolla?"
Followed by one of those sort of disproving frown like nods. It was my sister, and unfortunately dubbed financial adviser.
She took me by the arm and led me out of the shop, and back on down the dreary paths of town.

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