Monday, 18 October 2010

belle gemme? Crystal Renn.

So last week at college we started a new project in one of our classes, for which our tutor's asked us to find a muse to help inspire us or whatever. I honestly had absolutely no clue where to even start, come on, where are you even suppose to start to look for something like that? Before this I'd always thought that a muse should be someone who you're close to, who really helps with the development of your work, BUT I mean, look at me, I've gotten this far without one so what's the point in finding one now ae. Anyway, on a desperate bid to find someone, ANYONE, to take on the role of my "muse", outcomes the laptop and any fashion related publication I own for a quick rummage through. After literally hours of sifting through crap, I gave up and decided that if any of my tutors asked who my muse would be then I would simply rhyme off the first name than popped into my head. Good plan, yeah I thought so too.
On my way into college on the train the next morning, I pulled out my phone, and began my usual blog hit on the search for something interesting, to perhaps wake me up a bit, like your daily dose of caffeine in the morning.
My eyes caught sight of one picture in particular- although, the name of who's blog exactly is lost with me- it was a girl, in the picture- well, a model to be precise- tallish height wise, long silky black hair, mysterious dark eyes, amazingly curvaceous frame, BEAUTIFUL.
It was a picture from one of Gaultier's shows. Just another picture.
No. Not just another picture.
It was a picture that completely coincides with fashions most cardinal rule-Y'no, skinny= beautiful- yet somehow, here, it worked.
Before, whilst flicking through fashion magazines I felt that little bit of jealousy, I mean yes I'm not fat, but I'm most definitely no size zero. But now, thanks to this picture, I'm completely at ease with myself.
Thank you, Gaultier. And thank you, girl with the blog, for restoring my faith in fashion.

Hello muse, Ms Crystal Renn.

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