Thursday, 28 October 2010


Okay so last month, when pay day came around I went on a MASSIVE spending spree, spending almost all of my earnings for the month, in about thirty minutes- Pretty ridiculous? What can I say, sometimes I lack self control, we all have our vices, right? Anyhow, when I arrived home, got everything unpacked, and made sure all my new little lovelies where comfortable and settling in nicely in my drawers, I sat up and began on some homework. About 5 minutes in, I started to get this really bad sickly feeling, you know that weird feeling you sometimes get in your gut, it was that. I started to think about what I had actually just done, I went back over to the chest of drawers. Again, I opened them up, one by one. Comfortable and settling in? Eh no! Imagine London, the 8.30am tube (to wherever) kind of busy, NOW DOUBLE IT, this is the kind of chaos my drawers, and not to mention wardrobes are going through right now. So yeah, safe to say I most definitely did not need any more clothes, especially when I'm having to pay for them all myself. With all of these thoughts running through my head, I realised exactly how much I had actually managed to spend in just half an hour, and so, I reached slowly into the drawers I had just neatly filled with my new purchases and packed all of it away: the jumpers, the trousers, that beautiful little nude snood with the pompoms: back into their bags, ready for their trip back to their previous ownership the next morning. I woke up (another bitter Sunday morning), headed into town and one by one, started to return all of my spur of the moment buys...Last but by definitely no means least, a cosy little jumper I had bought for those winter days(or bitter sundays), it was a cheeky little Topshop number. I went in, through its magical doors, and headed over for the cash desk, but then I stopped. I loved it too much- this was the one and probably only thing I had bought the day previous that I actually wanted: it was one of those beautiful little things that would have gone with just about every other piece of clothing in my wardrobes: A charmer on the eyes if you will, I was almost sure that I would regret saying goodbye, and so, against my better judgement I decided to keep it. I gravitated downstairs and toddled along to the changing rooms, clutching the bag containing the jumper in my hand. In through the curtains I went, off came the coat, scarf, and on went my cosy new fluffy knit.

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