Sunday, 31 October 2010

Silky Soft Hair? It ain't no urban myth.

In the morning it takes me all of at least one and a half hours to get fully ready.
This morning I slept over all two of my alarms, leaving myself with only twenty minutes to get ready, that is giving enough time to make my way down to the train station- absolute nightmare!
So a quick blast in the shower, on swiftly go the clothes I had carefully planned the previous eve, slap on some make up, and pull the hair tie from my ballerina bun to reveal beach fresh waves.. beginners luck, I'm a pro at this '20 min chic styling'. Anyway I'm quickly tottering along down the road to jump in the car to the train station, wind blowing through my hair, and what can I smell?
Yes, that's right. That beautiful burning smell you ask? Why that'd be my hair.
Due to the sheer ridiculous volume of styling, with the absence of appropriate hair care products, my hair was in horrid condition, the ends split and vulgar on the eyes, and now, it was smelling like some kind of forest fire. NOT an attractive quality.
Later on when I got home, I remembered a magical remedy my sister had shown me in high school. Olive oil. That's it.

So what you do is: heat up a little olive oil in a little bowl or egg cup (the same way you would with hot oil hair treatment), and then, section by section, and onto completely dry hair, start slicking it through, putting as much as you fancy through each section. I recommend leaving for a minimum of one hour. When it comes time to rinse, first lather your hair up with conditioner, then rinse. Then do the same with shampoo, but twice. And then condition the ends, rinsing with cold water to finish. Once you have finished, towel dry, then use a leave in conditioner (I find Aussi's 'Miracle Hair Insurance' is a nice way to treat your hair), and then blow dry and style to finish off.

How's your hair? Baby soft?
Thought so.


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  1. I know this old remedy too, it works miracles!!

    I can also recommend Kerastase products to reconstruct your split ends, they really works!!!