Tuesday, 23 November 2010

"and have yourself a LUXE little christmas" -was it?

Tuesday, by far- for some strange reason- seems to be one of my fave days, at the moment.
A lovely morning of garment construction; followed by a break; then some more garment construction; then some lunch; and then a little bit of drawing or whatever, before i quickly head off to work, on which the opportunity arises to grab one of my treasured magazines EVER. Tuesday, is 'Stylist' day!! By far the magazine I adore most. Because? Well, firstly I'm a fashion student.. and secondly IT'S 100% FREE!!

Anyhow, I was having a flick through on my way to work, when I noticed a little spread at the bottom of one of my pages, with a couple of advent calendars sprawled across it. I went to flip the page, then double taked. Luxe advent calenders? Ha! How absolutely outrageous.. LUXE ADVENT CALENDERS!?
At £68 though? For 24 days, worth of reasons to get up out of bed in the morning? The bitter, dark, frosty morning? Emmm.. SOLD.

Clearly the meaning of christmas is lost with me here. But when the countdown to christmas is this good, do we really need a visit from Pere Noel on the 25th?

Visit stylist magazine online.

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