Monday, 15 November 2010

..and I thought I was a hippy.

I've always thought of myself as somewhat of a free spirit, well in the sense that, most of the time I do what I want, I dress how I want, I don't need anybody- although it's always good to have the company sometimes- I have no strings to hold me down, I'm doing what I'm doing out of choice; not force, I have my whole life ahead of me- I am free to be who I want to be. But, the other day on my way to class I realised my iPod was no longer in my bag, I had left it somewhere. My iPod, LOST. My techno mood enhancer, gone.

I'm not going to lie here when I say the shock on realising that it was no longer less that a stones throw away, was probably the same one I would experience, if I'd lost a limb- how very dramatic of me. Later on, I remembered that I had transferred a few of my fave tunes onto my blackberry, and so, even though I had lost one of my most prized possessions, if I maybe closed my eyes, it seemed like nothing had changed. Phew.

The next day, I had headed into to town to do a little last minute shopping for my mums birthday, but, on my way home, whilst listening to a bit of Donna Summer, my phone suddenly cut off, IT JUST STOPPED WORKING.? I looked at the screen, JVM error 102? WHAT? So I clicked reset, nothing happened, again, RESET. Annnnnd nothing.

So when I arrived at the house, I switched on my laptop-you know, to google the problem, as I do with everything else (Not even kidding by the way)- or at least tried, nothing happened, it would not switch on. Fully charged, but nothing. So, no music to calm my nerves, no blackberry to order another one, no laptop to solve what seemed like all of my problems.. and no contact with the rest of the world.

So, finally, here I am, sitting on my sisters bed, blogging from my mothers laptop.

If you need me, send a telegram.

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