Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Attic Rummage- Mother, i LOVE you.

Okay so me and my twin sister, Rachel, are ALWAYS on the lookout for really nice vintage items, although most of the time we fail when it comes to finding them.
So, it came as quite a bit of a shock yesterday night, on our trip to the ice cold attic- to get our Aaron knits in preparation for this terrible winter that's upon us- we came across an old clothes rail, packed full of old coats and jackets. Cannot actually begin to describe the feeling of sheer excitement, that came over me when we found all these precious pieces of outerwear, that had been neglected up in the cold, and out of sight for far too long.
It seems mother dear was quite the dresser back in the day.

Beautiful coats, you have another chance at glory.

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