Saturday, 27 November 2010


ZARA (love it)

River Island (suprizingly) - usually not a fan..

Topshop (naturally)

In life, I have a total love/hate relationship with 'black friday'. I love it of course, because it's the one day, of every month I'm at my happiest with my bank balance- my hard earned cash, all waiting for me when the clock strikes 12. I hate it because, well, I can never spend any of it on the clothes I've been eyeing up, as the ques to make purchase are always miles and miles long.. But then, maybe thats another reason to love it? Save all those lovely ben franklins up? Wouldn't you love that mother, dear.

Anyway, I was shopping for some winter boots, when I came across these little gems..
Thankfully enough for my loved ones, the ques for making any of these purchases were far too long, else they would have recieved a lovely letter on the 25th, from the charity of 'LaModeMachent' entaling that a donation had been made in their name...


  1. I love all of them, but my favourite is probably the Zara one :D

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  2. same. I LOVE the zara one, nice and simplistic.