Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Best of Brits

I love a good Hywel Davies publication as much as the next fashion junkie, so it's probably no surprise to hear that number 1&2 on my christmas list this year were of course workings by him. On the 27th I ventured into town to see if I could get my hands on some nice bargains with my sister. The place was absoloute manic, so, I ended up finding refuge in the nearest bookstore.. maybe I'd find some Hywel half price.

I quickly toddled up the stairs, and on over the the arts section. I noticed a beautiful cover- a fushia John Galliano- it was one of the Davies books my mum wasn't able to find in time for christmas. I grabbed it and took it over to the desk, having a quick peek, whilst waiting in line. For some reason; maybe it's just my familiarity of his beautiful work; I flicked to 'Deryck Walker', to have a quick read through the interview.
I quickly closed the book and handed it over to the cashier.
On my right stood a quirky glaswegian, suavely dressed, with a local accent.
I turned around- Deryck Walker, stood beside me.

Sunday, 26 December 2010


I cannot put into words how much I actually love Christmas.
Well, not christmas as such- as lovely a day it may be- more the festivities leading up to it- the bundling up in fluffy knits, and making plans with friends and loved ones.. and the food, naturally.. it's such a magical season.

I love when the clocks go back and you get that extra hour in bed, that's when you know Christmas is coming soon, because you can feel it; actually feel christmas around you.

And everybody changes too, we stop the petty fights and force ourselves to get along because, well, 'Tis the season', right?
It's strange to think how much this one little holiday effects us; how it manages to bring us all together, even if only for a day.

Thanks for an amazing christmas, hope you all had a good one too xx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Rosy Noses

I love winter:

I love Bundling up for the cold outside, and then quickly whipping it all off when I get back home, to embrace every last drop of the raging fire.

And I love chapped lips. Silly? maybe. But it means I get to enjoy my delectable coco butter vaseline even more than I already do.

Finally, I love the snow. It makes everything so much more picturesque, like a scene from Miracle on 34th Street. I love how it messes up our plans sometimes, so instead of us jumping on our next train home, we're settling for some christmas blend in the cosiness of starbucks with good friends and wholesome strangers.

Christmas is bliss.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Incentive to Save???

Anybody who knows me, or even anyone who's a close follower of LaModeMachent (thanks for following) will know how much of a- dare I say it- spend whore, I really am. And by that I mean, If I see something I want, I buy it there and then, no questions asked.

So anyway, quite a few months ago, a friend and I were in merchant city for dinner, we were driving around- for what seemed like an eternity- trying to find a parking spot. But with no luck, and so we ended up driving round and round in circles. I remember stopping at a set of traffic lights, soooo frustrated as I was so hungry! I looked out the window to see what the hold up was, some STUPID bus or something. BUT THEN, my eyes caught sight of something wonderful.. MULBERRY. Beautiful Alexa in the window. There and then I decided I was having me one of those. From that moment, I decided that I was going to put half of my monthly wages into a savings account, so that some day (in the not so far future) I would be able to make that oh so chic purchase.

So, here I am, £750, and more, in my 'Alexa account'... and I just cant do it. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it's because the odds of me moving away next year to study are extremely high, and I know I shall need some savings for that; or maybe it's because my mother- quite the fashionista in her day- with a bit of Mulberry of her own (purchased when she was my age) will know exactly how much I've spent on it. Either way, I think I'm going to save it, keep building up a little kitty for myself.

And in the mean time...

A 'Lola', courtesy of Redherring.
Price? £32.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Found this lovely picture at american apparel online today! I absolutely LOVE this look- oh so fresh.
Although it may look a little inappropriate for this kind of weather, or atleast the weather in the UK at present, it is perfect for layering, so pop those long johns on!

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, and whenever I feel ill in the slightest, I make it my priority to wear comfortable clothes.. and by comfortable, I mean usually pretty indulgent, and overly thought- so usually some form of evening wear mixed up a little. Anyway, today I'm wearing: a black chiffon full length skirt(courtesy of my beautiful jan), a knitted navy lurex jumper (topshop), a pair of Docs (which I found in my loft) some cable knit socks(h&m) lots of silver jewellery i.e long crusafix chain, chunky silver rings ; nude nails, smoky eyes, ad my hair the way I left it last night..a riot(else I would've taken a picture).

Oh, and finished off nicely with a beautiful raging fire, whilst watching the full blown blizzard from the frosty window.