Sunday, 26 December 2010


I cannot put into words how much I actually love Christmas.
Well, not christmas as such- as lovely a day it may be- more the festivities leading up to it- the bundling up in fluffy knits, and making plans with friends and loved ones.. and the food, naturally.. it's such a magical season.

I love when the clocks go back and you get that extra hour in bed, that's when you know Christmas is coming soon, because you can feel it; actually feel christmas around you.

And everybody changes too, we stop the petty fights and force ourselves to get along because, well, 'Tis the season', right?
It's strange to think how much this one little holiday effects us; how it manages to bring us all together, even if only for a day.

Thanks for an amazing christmas, hope you all had a good one too xx

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  1. Yeah gold is nice, especially on nails! I don't know if id be brave enough to bop down my road in gold lipstick! Hahaaaa! I see loads of bloggers with pics of Starbucks! (nice pic btw) but I've never even been there before haha! Is it nice? Wouldn't even know what to order :/ lol love shyy! X