Thursday, 2 December 2010


Found this lovely picture at american apparel online today! I absolutely LOVE this look- oh so fresh.
Although it may look a little inappropriate for this kind of weather, or atleast the weather in the UK at present, it is perfect for layering, so pop those long johns on!

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, and whenever I feel ill in the slightest, I make it my priority to wear comfortable clothes.. and by comfortable, I mean usually pretty indulgent, and overly thought- so usually some form of evening wear mixed up a little. Anyway, today I'm wearing: a black chiffon full length skirt(courtesy of my beautiful jan), a knitted navy lurex jumper (topshop), a pair of Docs (which I found in my loft) some cable knit socks(h&m) lots of silver jewellery i.e long crusafix chain, chunky silver rings ; nude nails, smoky eyes, ad my hair the way I left it last night..a riot(else I would've taken a picture).

Oh, and finished off nicely with a beautiful raging fire, whilst watching the full blown blizzard from the frosty window.

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