Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hey there, old Pal.

I'm alone, around 1am.
If I were at home with my family right now, I guess we'd all be tucked up in bed: Rach would have gone hours ago, to try and grab as much (unnecessary) 'beauty sleep' as she possibly could.
My brother would be in his room, watching some brilliantly cheesy comedy show- but act as though he was deep in slumber, when dad went in to check on him. And mum would be snuggled into bed, devouring an old book, whilst the dog lay sound asleep at her toes.
Me, I would probably also be in bed, trying to enjoy every minute of unadulterated nothingness, that outside my bedroom window had to offer. No cars. No noise. Nothing.

Instead though. I'm in 'my room'. The uneasiness arresting me from the noise of police cars, and rowdy pub happenings, right outside my window (which is jammed open, and will be forever more) is hampering my body from feeling tired, yet all my brain needs right now is for me to shut my eyes.

I can see you. You're sitting across from me, giving me that 'come hither' look. One I have come to be so familiar with.
That burning stare, sweeping my whole existence.
And right there. Before I'm even aware, we're both back to where we use to be.
I'm nonchalantly tickled .
The lack of sleep doesn't bother me so much any more, and I can feel my heart beating, pounding.
Adrenaline coursing through my veins.
And at this moment, as I'm sitting here, I feel like what I know is about to happen, is the only thing that matters in the whole world to me.
And the consequences my head contained a mere few seconds ago, swirling around with another hurricane of thoughts, are thrown to the side.
All I want, all I need is right here in front of me.
Three words. That's all.
Three words, and I'm there.

And with that I felt myself encapsulated in the most euphorical whirl wind I'd possibly ever known. We were one. Intertwined.

It had happened again.
But this time, superior in comparison to the last time.
My organs flooded with tainted pleasure.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sweet 89.

I wouldn't be shocked at this point if I've lost any of my groupies, to do with my lack of posting and the vast gaps between each post. Anybody reading this: thanks for dealing with it and sticking around. I'm still trying to get use to life away from my friends, fam and most importantly my twin sissy, the honey to my tea.

Anyway I just thought I'd do a quick one. Pretty much just this picture, maybe to inspire?.. I don't know. I love this car so much, it's the "89 vw fox. I just think it's absolutely beautiful and the colour is spectacular. Maybe one day I will actually sit my test, get myself a step closer to the dream.

PS. Christmas is sooooooooooooooooooon :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I love twin things.

Never ever one to say no to any sort of bargain or sale, I popped into (you know what's coming yeah?) topshoppp after getting their e-mail about some kind of price reductions. OH BABY. OH.
Look at these baby's. Last two in store and in me and my sissy's size. CA-YOOT. Yes yes.

I love tiny little animal (any)things

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hey Mr Allen.

I almost shot myself after watching Annie Hall: can't believe I've waited until NOW to watch it: SUCH a good movie choice. Dianne Keaton looks absolutely PHENOM, the whole way through: even in a t-shirt and a pair of combats, shockingly enough.

In fact, I wish I was her.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Looking Sleek Boy.

Click images to enlarge.

(Rach: left image: Gal on the right)

(Rachie: the one slumped oh so neatly along side Billie Turnbull: far right)

I'm such a proud lady, I just want to show the world this magazine. So that's (Rach) my twin sissy in both photo's: Elite London's latest victim (WOO!) for any new guys: in this months issue of Sleek Magazine. YAY!


Look/ Download/ !BUY! at

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Girl in the Green Scarf.

If you're currently reading this, then I'm guessing you're probably female; enjoy the odd clothes related purchase; and so you probably have seen the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic". Well I know I have anyway: I read the book, went to see the movie, bought it when I heard it was released on DVD, and on average, I watch it at least 4 times a year. Why? Because it made me feel so much better about myself, knowing that there are people whose shopping habits are WAYYYY more out of control than my own.

Anyway, you know that part of the movie when Rebbecca walks into that beautiful store (on the way to an interview, come on Rebbecca, really), when she spots the lovely green scarf in the window; and then, as she's about to leave the store, the mannequin comes to life and starts giving her all these reasons as to why she should buy it. Like, how it would become part of a definition of her, how it would make her hair cut look more expensive, and how she would wear it with everything.

Well, When I was shopping the other day, this actually happened to me. I know, it sounds like I've positively gone mad, but maybe when you see the item, you'll understand.
I'm moving away for a couple years to study, so, the other day I was moving my things into my flat, and I decided it would be a good idea to go job hunting, seen as how I actually am a real life Rebbecca Bloomwood (did I mention that I bought a green scarf after seeing that movie? The mannequin in the movie did an excellent job). After a while me and my sister decided to take a break and go for a fruity detox, when I caught sight of this coat, almost waving at me from the depths of this beautifully alluring store. I unknowingly ditched Rach, and raced over, I didn't want to be rude, I mean after all, it did wave.

We stood face to face.
Black, my favorite colour.
Woolen, like melted butter on my finger tips.
And the draped collar was bound with a slick black leather.
If I was to buy this beautiful piece of craftsmanship: how beautifully cut: I would be ripping them off for the price it was retailed at.
And if I was to buy this, beautiful, beautiful creation, I would play Alicia Billington in THAT movie.
It would make me look more striking, yet mysterious.
It would make my hair look longer.
It would make my the rest of my outfit, and me, look more well thoughtful: These are the words of the mannequin wearing the coat, NOT me.

It would be an investment.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

APOLOGIES for the frankly disgusting photography, I'm gonna pass the blame over to the fact that:
1. It was taken on my (heap of crap) phone.

and 2. It was taken by my friend Paige, whose skills in this department where sadly lacking (YES, I hope you're reading).

Anyway, I just thought that it would be a crying shame NOT to share this (what I think is a lovely) ensemble, with the rest of the world.


Friday, 9 September 2011


Okay so, a couple nights ago me and my sister were snuggled up watching friends, AND THEN, this advert was shown, vivid memory:

It was AMAZING; an advert, FOR an advert??! We went crazy.
Until the clock struck 9.26 (yeah, late, you have NO IDEA how slowly those 6 extra minutes DRAGGGED in).
And then.
We went even MORE crazy.


Religiously a reader of LeLoveImage, my most favored bed-time read, preferably done so with a lovely cup of malted milk to ease me into slumber. Anyway, just thought I should share in case any of you aren't 'LeLove' fans, as it's such a lovely hopeful quote; don't you think?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Slight background mumble of autumn leaves.

The perfect Autumn song (clearly I'm besotted with Autumn): for days when you're in your room, taking a little break from trying to get your head around a rubbish 'summer' project, wearing the cosey sweater your dad brought you back from his trip; and your little bunny rabbit slippers.. And just enjoying the window being open, with the warmth of the sun flooding through, and the slight motion of your billowing curtains; as the slight breeze catches them.

Teddy Bears Picnic- Styled By Chanel.

"This month, Chanel is a guest of honour at iconic London department store Harrods. This exciting collaboration includes an exclusive, limited edition Chanel make-up collection, and the transformation of the entire store into a 'world of Chanel'."

Above picture: tiny teddies kitted out with Chanel blazers and knitwear... aaawww.

I wish I was a tiny teddy, so that I could live with them all on that shelf... Because then, when everybody left the store at night, I could have tea party's, and parade around the department in Chanel with all the other tiny little teddy's, alll nightttt longgg.

Very very jealous.

Click HERE to have a peek at some more of Chanel's Harrods wonderland: Courtesy of

Pretty Kitty's

YAY, it's Autumn, FINALLY!! As it's my absolute favey season out of the lot of them, I decided to pay tribute to this special time of year (Via my header), I do hope you all like.

With Autumn in mind, LOOK at these pretty little ladies; The MOST PERFECT Autumn shoes EVVVER!
They're like little shoesies, sent from the heavens above, made for angels to wear.. maybe this is what baby kitties come back as when their 9 life's run out?
Anyway, I just thought I'd post this as a sort of subtle published prayer to the heavens: maybe an angel will take pity on me and decide to send me some (Via stork).

P.s I'm a size 7.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's NEVER too early to start writing a Christmas list.

So it turns out that shopaholism actually is a proper illness- well I know it exists because I've witnessed it in action; and when I say I've witnessed it, I mean, I'm the one actually taking part in the (subconsciously) obsessive over shopping- although it's more commonly known as oniomania.

ANYWAY, on friday I found myself browsing about all my favey shops, after using the excuse that I was 'off to visit the Gallery of Modern Art, to try to find some inspiration for my current project' (words can't explain how much I HATE that place).

After quite a long day of window shopping; trying on, and having the will power to refrain from buying anything at all- well, not entirely true, I did buy this really beautiful black jersey t-shirt from Topshop, but that's a basic necessity, so it doesn't really count- I decided it was time to call it a day and head home... UNTIL I realised that I had completely and utterly forgot to visit Zara- sometimes actually a one hit wonder, once in every blue moon I find the most beautifully cut little item- so naturally, I couldn't just walk buy, and plus, I had HALF AN HOUR until my train arrived.

So in I walked, when my eyes caught sight of the most delicious thing I'd seen in quite a little while, I mean it actually had my heart racing.
It was like the perfect winter wear, except it looked like it had been designed for angels.

I'd found new love.


I feel like I NEED this in my life. It's like heaven in winter wear.
If there was a way for me to skip this months rent, live in a box on the street, outside my flat for a full month; for the chance to own this coat; then I would do it.

Currently crying a river.

No wait, that's an understatement.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

LOOK who came from Fashion East.

I really love the idea behind Fashion East: how they help new designers find their feet and assist with showcasing their extraordinary talents: so naturally I was over the moon when I stumbled across this little beaute just a couple of seconds ago (from a little while ago- doesn't make it any less worth the watch though guys), on my vlog traipse around YouTube (courtesy of the lovely BipLing).

Hope you lot enjoy x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Okay so I know my original intention for this page, was for it to be like a directional fashion, style, and beauty blog: but the more and more I've been posting, I've come to realise that I like secret journal/ scrapbook (talking about the nice little pictures I've been finding, that I like to pair with the stories) feel it's got going on: so I'm going to keep going with that. BUT still with a fashion feel. SO DON'T. GO. ANYWHERE.
ANYWAY, here's a little piece I wrote for the Stylists 100 word microfiction competition...
I really liked it, so I just thought I'd pop it on (hope you enjoy):


We caught sight of her as she made her way from the car- an old rusting mustang- red. It all happened as if in slow motion. She wore those high wasted bikini bottoms, white, and also now visible: as she smoothly slid her blouse off: a white haltered bikini too. She caressed the water with her delicate toes, then, slowly eased herself in. Her skin golden, soft and incandescent: resembled something from the inside a honey pot. She gave off a womanly exuberance from across the pond: My insides melted.
I adored her, a little.

My brothers girlfriend.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I remember the very first time I decided that I wanted to start dressing for myself, picking out my own clothes. I was 5, and I begged my mother for freedom of my own wardrobe.
It was mid summer, and I remember the street was breezy, warm and crisp: Mum advised me sensibly to dress for the weather, after too much time listening to my sobbing.
I turned off the water works and scampered up the stairs. I headed over to the chest of drawers, which my sister and I shared, I knew what I was doing. I pulled open the drawer at the bottom: it was my favorite drawer of them all as the colours in this one where the best.
It was our pyjama drawer. I rummaged around it for a little while, until I came across what I was after. It was this really cool set that 'Santa' had gifted me with for Christmas- I never really wore as really adored it and liked to keep it good- so the the bottoms were going up my leg a bit, and the sleeves were a little short. Anyway, I pulled on the top- it was this washed out shade of lilac, with violet binding along the (now slightly cropped) sleeves and cuffs. But my favorite thing about it, was the beautiful print slapped right onto the front of it. It had a picture of Ariel and Sebastian from 'The Little Mermaid' printed using a mixture of that really fun, puffy, sticky expantex pigment, and like it couldn't get any better- GLITTER.

I started to get really excited pulling on the trousers, as I was thinking about shoes and socks, and dabbling around with the idea of a watch too.
God, I loved those trousers: the same washed out shade of lilac as the top, but they had that beautiful image of Ariel and Sebastian printed ALL OVER THEM also.
I ran into my eldest sisters room, to check out how my efforts were going- Great, I really did look good- As I checked my outfit in the mirror, I noticed the trousers had gone slightly lighter in the knees, in fact, one of them had a little hole: right over Ariel's face. Rachel must have been sneaking about in them, I started to get mad: but then I caught the reflection of my big sisters new trainers in her mirror. She'd just gotten them for her birthday, they were white and had a really cool pink stripe along the sides, and smelled like candyfloss. I grabbed them and ran into my room, forgetting about the fact that my sister had ruined my most treasured possession. I went into my mums underwear drawer, I remember seeing her put my new frilly socks in there. I popped them on along with my sisters new trainers- I was so glad she was out somewhere- She really would have gone crazy if she knew I was wearing them. I don't even think she'd had them on yet.
I remember feeling extremely satisfied at my efforts. I mean, I really did look great. Well I definitely felt a million dollars.

I ran down the stair to show my mum- making sure to be careful so the shoes didn't slip off, as they were a little loose- I felt so smug.

My mum looked at me disapprovingly with disgust, and requested I change into the shorts she'd left on her bed for me. I ran outside and sat on the kerb in the sun, sweating just a little as the fleece from the inside of my pyjama top was probably intended for winter wear.

What was I thinking.

LOOK. That's my sister.

Look what happened to my twin sister over summer- modeling contract with Elite London.

View Rachel's Profile.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Porque puestos a soñar.

Originally my plans for summer had been to go traveling for a while before I moved off for art school; visit Paris and see Venice just for a little bit, and then Rome too, to have a look see. I wanted to visit somewhere were the streets swelter with raw, gritty, emotion: I need to go somewhere I can really FEEL: I want it to take possession of me, and root me there: culture, and passion.

But then time & money made me realise I had to choose. Between: Art school, doing what I have a deep rooted lust for, for at least the next couple of years: Or, traveling for a little while, divulging in the magical fantasy, curiosity has cooked up in my head over the last little while due to too many alluringly charming books.

In the end, the (more) sensible option swayed me, after the realisation of the fact that I AM actually doing this of my own accord, it IS something I enjoy: in fact, it's something I crave, and feel deep sorrow when I don't divulge into often enough.
Now that I have made this decision, a tiny little part of me feels like I may have possibly made the wrong one, kind of almost like my head, and my heart (maybe my gut?) are two different people: almost like an over tired relationship, where the once lovers have grown in separate directions. My head wants one thing- it knows is safe and secure- but my heart knows it needs to try another.

So, I'm making a promise with myself, and meeting dreams and desires at the border line.

I will travel, one day.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Only ever in a dream.

Eva Mendes has to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. I WISH one day I could just wake up, but look like that. So beautiful.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Root to some sort of emotion.

June. 1995
It was noon and my twin sister and I sat in our dressing gown's, staring out the window at the results of a classic Scottish summer. The effulgent beauty the downpour had cast on the normally hectic scene outside, was lost on a couple of blasé young children.
Mum- able to sympathize- popped her book onto the top of the piano and smiled at us as she walked on past and up the stairs: my sister and I both oblivious as to where she had gone.

A half hour had past before we heard of her again, her foot steps heavier, and a little slower now, she popped her head through the door- smiling again- her face a little rosier.
"Come on then girls!" In she dragged a tattered looking cardboard box.
"Go on then, open it up."
Warily my sister walked over and pulled open one of the flaps, and as she did, her face brightened a little. She pulled out a dress: blue and reminiscent of Grace Kelly: underneath the dress hid all sorts of other outfits, dresses, and also shoes. We shared the feeling of that 'night before christmas adrenaline' often spoken about. You know, butterfly's in ones tummy, feelings of excitement.

The rest of the day we played dress up in the living room with our elder sister; and ate dinner as we tried to figure which shoes might go with which dresses, and also which of them we could integrate into our own wardrobe of pinks and powder blues; Mum listened, laughing in the background, realising how alike we all where- including her- and how little attention we now payed, to what exactly was happening beyond our living room window.

Sixteen years on, I can hear the rain splashing onto the rooftop, as I sit on an old rug in the cold loft looking through a pile of old books- with an old desk lamp sitting at my toes- and I come across an old, tattered looking, cardboard box...

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Look what I found on Etsy today- a beautiful vintage cowhide clutch. Perfect for carrying from class to class during term time next year, I'm sure.. and oh so practical, no?


Monday, 27 June 2011

oh so RETRO

Found this lovely online vintage store the other day whilst on the blog traipse the other day. Even better news is that the prices are pretty reasonable AND it's UK based so I get cheap delivery. YEAH.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ciao Donnatella

Well it looks like I'm the last person on the planet to hear about Donnatella's agreeable new hook-up with H&M. AHH could not be more excited, especially because it's all gonna be in stores around the world, from the 17th of November, which, isn't that far away. So, between moving and studying, looks like I got me some saving to do.

Ciao H&M.

ohhh SADIE

Initially I think it was the vibrant colour that first attracted me to this little gem.
..And then I really looked at it, and now, love it as if it were one of my limbs, something i may not be able to live without: I know it's definitely not something I'd normally be drawn to: but something about it- and I'm not sure what exactly- really calls out to me, like a friend with a juicy story to tell .. ohhh.

(The) 'Sadie'.. I must have you.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

soundtrack to a summers eve..

I Sing I Swim- Seabear
Intro- The XX
I'll Try Anything Once- The Strokes
Charming Man- The Smiths
Blue Cassette- Friendly Fires
Spanish Sahara- Foals
Lovers' Carvings- Bibio
Naked As We Came- Iron & Wine
Pokito A Poko- Chambao
West Coast- Coconut Records
Don't Worry Baby- Beach Boys
Quelqu'un M'a Dit- Carla Bruni
The A Team- Ed Sheernan
Police Car- Eliza Doolittle
Je Te Veux- Erik Satie
Sunday Girl- Florrie
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is- Jet
Chasing Pirates- Norah Jones
Girlfriend- Phoenix
Can't Stop- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Send Me On My Way- Rusted Root
Vagabond- Wolfmother
In The Battle Of Sun Vs. Curtains... -Woodpigeon

Monday, 13 June 2011

Everybody's Girl.

My new style obsession, and just general female crush, Miss Chung I do adore you, oh so very much. With her mature take on our Brits preppy school boy style the majority of the time, she rarely manages to get it wrong in the eye's of yours truly.
Beautiful, witty, and practically perfect in every way.
Alex Chung.

Monday, 6 June 2011

I don't know why I do

I found this in last chance to buy the other day, sadly in the wrong size.
BUT today I found it in store.. I love it so much, something draws me to it, but I dont know what it is.
Think I'm going to have to just 'Go For It'.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


After seeing Miu Miu's swallow platforms in their spring '10 show, I found myself a little obsessed with any kind of block heeled shoe. Although, I found pretty much everything that did catch my eye at that point, was a little out of my price range. So, anyway, here we are a year on: I'm in Topshop having a quick rummage to see if there's anything suitable for my graduation dinner: and I come across these babies (the layla block heels). AND.. In. My. Size. All those old feelings of love and devotion (you bet I had any pictures of these shoes, and possible outfit choices to go with them, taped alllll over my bedroom walls) towards that particular pair of shoes, came flooding right back, and so I felt I owed it to myself to at least try them on for size. The shop assistant assured that there were only two pairs left (one in my size, thank god), and so after trying on- and them looking even more amazing with my feet in them- I had to make that purchase.

SO, I wore them in the car ride home, I had them on whilst getting ready for dinner yesterday evening; I wore them TO dinner, and out afterward too. I wore them this morning as I got dressed: even though the balls of my feet were killing me, after wearing them all of last night. I wore them as I munched on my breakfast this morning. I had them on whilst I lay on my bed, and read some Hemmingway at lunch. And I'm wearing them now, whilst I'm writing this post- as I write, thinking where else I may possibly be able to wear these beauties again.
So at this point, I'm definitely thinking I've got my money's worth out of these shoes.

Thank. You. Topshop.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Absolutely love this little beauty I've found on my blog crawl today. Courtesy of Elizabeth&James.. Nice Job Olsen galsss.

(found at

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Really trying to find a reason NOT to go and buy this, and so far the only one is, the massive hole purchasing it could possibly leave in my pocket.. But for some Kirchhoff, I feel this price maybe totally justifiable. No??

Friday, 27 May 2011

Songs Of Summer

Fake Plastic Trees- Radio Head
Babylon- David Gray
Pull My Heart Away- Jack Penate
Golden Brown- The Stranglers
Big Jumps Emiliana Torrini
I'm a Cuckoo- Belle and Sebastian
Blue Blood- Foals
Only Girl- Sunday Girl
Skeleton Boy- Friendly Fires
Little Bit- Lykke Li
Evening/ Morning- Bombay Bicycle Club
Four Floors- Diplo vs. Sunday Girl
Girlfriend- Phoenix
In Search Of- Miike Snow
Girls and Boys In Love- The Rumble Strips
Here Comes Your Man- Pixies
Evil Son- The Rumour Said Fire
I Want You to Want Me- Cheap Trick
Flume- Bon Iver
Move On Up- Curtis Mayfield
New York City Cops- The Strokes
Fast Car- Tracy Chapman
Ride- Cary Brothers
Beautiful World- Carolina Liar
Rolling In The Deep- Adele (Jamie xx Shuffle)
Santa Maria- Gotan Project
Love Lost- Temper Trap
Young Folks- Peter Bjorn & John
There She Goes- The LA's
Up In The Clouds- Darwin Deez
Club Tropicana- Wham!
Watch The Sun Come Up- Example
The Wihelm Scream- James Blake
You Got The Love- The XX
Echo On The Night Train- Three Blind Wolves
Two Doors Down- Mystery Jets

blue valentine.

As I walked I could feel the rain, slowly rolling down my face, it was a dark 9am, and a cold one too. The reason as to why I was up and wandering around town, at this moment in time was lost on me: the rain now heavier and the cold had set in. Shivering, I looked for a place I knew where may be able to seek refuge, if only for a little while: a bookshop, a coffee shop? None. I found an old rickety shop- a thrift store. It was bright and warm, even if a little odd. I walked in and stood by the plug-in radiator, trying to dry off my saturated clothes. Whilst I stood there slowly roasting, I noticed a flicker of teal, peaking out from a blur of browns, I walked over and picked it up, and without any thought, I made it mine.

Monday, 11 April 2011


Soz for the lack of posts, my laptops been out the game for a while.. fingers crossed he'll keep running smoothly for me.

Do you ever get that feeling around this time of year, when there's always that one thing that makes summer seem like it's kind of almost here? Well mines is lawn mowers & freshly cut grass.
Yesterday I was out in the garden writing an essay, and I could smell it.. It put a smile on my face, AND made me realise that summer is nearing and I still haven't found a maxi dress.
Silly, I know. BUT, at the end of last summer I vowed to myself that I was going to embrace summer to its fullest possible potential, in any way I knew how; possibly by divulging in cultures foreign to me, but also, through style. And a maxi dress seems like the most perfect way to do that- with it's beautiful reputation of provoking a fantastical and mysterious image onto whoever wears it.

My trek around pretty much every high street store- or so it would seem- has resulted in a complete and ultimate waste of time, with regards to any bohemian visage.. Until today.

Dress- £29.99 H&M

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Zinser= Beaute.

At the mo' I'm really loving the whole maxi skirt/ maxi dress/ leopard print/ black thing, so for me, this is AH-mazing.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

TGI.. Tuesday

Tuesday is by far one of my most favourite days of the week, because not only do I get the day off, BUT, it's also STYLIST day. Born and bread of the streets of Brittain, pretty sure it's one of the best weekly fashion publications I have ever set eyes on.

Best thing about it though? It's 100% free.

Go to Stylist Online

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bang Bang Bang(s)

Love this picture so much, I think it's the hair that does it for me. ANYWAY, I saw this picture just after new year, after making my resolution- the one about taking more risks and having more fun- and decided that my hair was going to be EXACTLY like this. SO, with little money in my pocket, I decided on a box of die, rather than going to a hair dresser.. how silly of me... and then instead of getting a pro to cut me a fringe, or at least letting them advise me, I stupidly cut one myself. AGAIN. And I say again because I have already made the mistake of cutting a fringe in before, and, I hated it then. Why I thought it would be any different this time I'll never know. Long story short, it ended up looking like a kind of flash dance meets saved by the bell do, but not even in a cool way (clearly I drew the short straw with my terrible gene pool- hair that frizzes at the first sight of moisture).

Still growing it out.

Tiny Tip: unless you're Vidal Sassoon, DON'T d.i.y.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Loves a Pucci dress.

On my usual rummage through today, and came across a couple of beautiful Pucci numbers that I've pretty much fallen in love with.

..So, I will take this for my Parisian lunches...

And then this one, for my Spanish dinners...