Monday, 31 January 2011

Courtesy Of 10 Magazine.

Question Time With the Models.

LOVE this!

Seasons Greetings- summer's in sight

With the majority of my e-folios sent away, looks like I'm back in business.

Found this lovely picture on tumblr today, and it reminded me that, summer is soon!!!
Which means, I finally get a chance to wear all the beautiful clothes I bought at the end of last summer, because... I'm going to PARIS.


ps. How beautiful is Bambi

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Years Promises.

It actually took me FOR EVER, to come up with a new years resolution this year:

Should I do more sports? Eat less crap? Or maybe even spend less money.

Hmm maybe I should do those things, but, for now I decided to put some other little things on top of my list of priorities:

*Take more risks and have more fun with life.

*Keep the glass half full- who cares about the negatives?

* And finally, be myself.