Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bang Bang Bang(s)

Love this picture so much, I think it's the hair that does it for me. ANYWAY, I saw this picture just after new year, after making my resolution- the one about taking more risks and having more fun- and decided that my hair was going to be EXACTLY like this. SO, with little money in my pocket, I decided on a box of die, rather than going to a hair dresser.. how silly of me... and then instead of getting a pro to cut me a fringe, or at least letting them advise me, I stupidly cut one myself. AGAIN. And I say again because I have already made the mistake of cutting a fringe in before, and, I hated it then. Why I thought it would be any different this time I'll never know. Long story short, it ended up looking like a kind of flash dance meets saved by the bell do, but not even in a cool way (clearly I drew the short straw with my terrible gene pool- hair that frizzes at the first sight of moisture).

Still growing it out.

Tiny Tip: unless you're Vidal Sassoon, DON'T d.i.y.

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  1. yessss! these bangs are amazing :)