Friday, 27 May 2011

blue valentine.

As I walked I could feel the rain, slowly rolling down my face, it was a dark 9am, and a cold one too. The reason as to why I was up and wandering around town, at this moment in time was lost on me: the rain now heavier and the cold had set in. Shivering, I looked for a place I knew where may be able to seek refuge, if only for a little while: a bookshop, a coffee shop? None. I found an old rickety shop- a thrift store. It was bright and warm, even if a little odd. I walked in and stood by the plug-in radiator, trying to dry off my saturated clothes. Whilst I stood there slowly roasting, I noticed a flicker of teal, peaking out from a blur of browns, I walked over and picked it up, and without any thought, I made it mine.

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