Wednesday, 1 June 2011


After seeing Miu Miu's swallow platforms in their spring '10 show, I found myself a little obsessed with any kind of block heeled shoe. Although, I found pretty much everything that did catch my eye at that point, was a little out of my price range. So, anyway, here we are a year on: I'm in Topshop having a quick rummage to see if there's anything suitable for my graduation dinner: and I come across these babies (the layla block heels). AND.. In. My. Size. All those old feelings of love and devotion (you bet I had any pictures of these shoes, and possible outfit choices to go with them, taped alllll over my bedroom walls) towards that particular pair of shoes, came flooding right back, and so I felt I owed it to myself to at least try them on for size. The shop assistant assured that there were only two pairs left (one in my size, thank god), and so after trying on- and them looking even more amazing with my feet in them- I had to make that purchase.

SO, I wore them in the car ride home, I had them on whilst getting ready for dinner yesterday evening; I wore them TO dinner, and out afterward too. I wore them this morning as I got dressed: even though the balls of my feet were killing me, after wearing them all of last night. I wore them as I munched on my breakfast this morning. I had them on whilst I lay on my bed, and read some Hemmingway at lunch. And I'm wearing them now, whilst I'm writing this post- as I write, thinking where else I may possibly be able to wear these beauties again.
So at this point, I'm definitely thinking I've got my money's worth out of these shoes.

Thank. You. Topshop.

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