Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Porque puestos a soñar.

Originally my plans for summer had been to go traveling for a while before I moved off for art school; visit Paris and see Venice just for a little bit, and then Rome too, to have a look see. I wanted to visit somewhere were the streets swelter with raw, gritty, emotion: I need to go somewhere I can really FEEL: I want it to take possession of me, and root me there: culture, and passion.

But then time & money made me realise I had to choose. Between: Art school, doing what I have a deep rooted lust for, for at least the next couple of years: Or, traveling for a little while, divulging in the magical fantasy, curiosity has cooked up in my head over the last little while due to too many alluringly charming books.

In the end, the (more) sensible option swayed me, after the realisation of the fact that I AM actually doing this of my own accord, it IS something I enjoy: in fact, it's something I crave, and feel deep sorrow when I don't divulge into often enough.
Now that I have made this decision, a tiny little part of me feels like I may have possibly made the wrong one, kind of almost like my head, and my heart (maybe my gut?) are two different people: almost like an over tired relationship, where the once lovers have grown in separate directions. My head wants one thing- it knows is safe and secure- but my heart knows it needs to try another.

So, I'm making a promise with myself, and meeting dreams and desires at the border line.

I will travel, one day.

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