Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's NEVER too early to start writing a Christmas list.

So it turns out that shopaholism actually is a proper illness- well I know it exists because I've witnessed it in action; and when I say I've witnessed it, I mean, I'm the one actually taking part in the (subconsciously) obsessive over shopping- although it's more commonly known as oniomania.

ANYWAY, on friday I found myself browsing about all my favey shops, after using the excuse that I was 'off to visit the Gallery of Modern Art, to try to find some inspiration for my current project' (words can't explain how much I HATE that place).

After quite a long day of window shopping; trying on, and having the will power to refrain from buying anything at all- well, not entirely true, I did buy this really beautiful black jersey t-shirt from Topshop, but that's a basic necessity, so it doesn't really count- I decided it was time to call it a day and head home... UNTIL I realised that I had completely and utterly forgot to visit Zara- sometimes actually a one hit wonder, once in every blue moon I find the most beautifully cut little item- so naturally, I couldn't just walk buy, and plus, I had HALF AN HOUR until my train arrived.

So in I walked, when my eyes caught sight of the most delicious thing I'd seen in quite a little while, I mean it actually had my heart racing.
It was like the perfect winter wear, except it looked like it had been designed for angels.

I'd found new love.

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