Friday, 7 September 2012

Get Dreaming.

Hey there guys, so I know it's been ages... I completely and totally forgot about my little bloggy.
Anyway I thought I'd say hello with a nice new picture of me in this outfit I've had on for the last two days.
Don't be judging me guys (I just really liked it lots).

Bedroom look of the day:   T-Shirt: Get Dreaming   Cycle Shorts: Topshop

So my friends have recently started up their own little T-shirt company (well they do really cute little socks too) called Get Dreaming. Every item they make is done by hand, so no printing or mass production comes into play at all, just a good old amount of TLC,so every item you buy will be completely one of a kind. 
What hasn't already been snapped up of their Spring/ Summer collection is already on their page, and their new items will be on their site beginning September 16th.

Click here to visit GET DREAMING's online boutique.
...and HERE to follow on Facebook.

P.s HOW much fun is instagrammmm!!!!

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